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Event Set-Up and Management

Requesting Box Office Services

All Box Office service requests must be made through this form.

The Box Office reserves the right to approve or deny the use of its services for any event. If it is not deemed appropriate to use the box office for an event, you will be referred to the appropriate department.


Event organizers, both on and off campus, may be billed various costs including ticket stock, printer use, event creation fees, staffing, and more. You will receive a quote prior to the event and an invoice after the event.


Reports will be sent if requested by the event organizers. The Box Office will send reports weekly on Tuesday afternoons, with additional reports sent during the week of the event and upon request (if possible).

If you require report access more often than this, you can request the ability to pull your own reports. We will provide a personalized login to our admin dashboard for just your event and allow you to run the reports you need any time you would like. This login will not be able to access any data outside of the specified event.

Refund policy

It is recommended that events follow our standard refund policy, but we are willing to accommodate your needs. We do not offer a self-service return without refund option for events that are not part of the Scheidegger touring series.

Event Changes or Cancellations by Promoter

In the event the promoter cancels, reschedules or changes their event(s) to the degree that refunds are necessary or required, the box office will refund the full purchase price to ticket buyers and the promoter will pay the box office an additional $1.00 per ticket for Ticket Return Service, a total of 5% of all credit card purchases to offset the cost of processing both the purchase and the refund, and will pay the amount of refunded service fees.

For rescheduled events, the original ticket order will be honored for the new date and time. No additional action is required. Patrons wishing to refund their order will be allowed to do so up until the event performance time. Refunds under this scenario will be billed at the same rates as if the event was cancelled: 5% credit card fee, $1.00 per ticket, and all service fees.

For cancelled events, the box office will provide staffing during the scheduled event date and time to provide refunds to ticket buyers if deemed necessary. Refunds will be issued up to 30 days following the date of the cancelled event.